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Simple Tips For Building Your Collection

You buy a few coins here and there, maybe a coin folder or two, look up, and ask yourself, "what am I doing?" "Where is my collection going?"

Well, we've all been there. I've been there numerous times; looking at a bunch of coins I don't even want anymore. So, how do you refine and expand your collection?

Here are a few simple tips to maximize your time and effort as you collect for a lifetime.

  1. Collect What You LOVE! Is there a specific coin you enjoy more than other? Collect it! For me, it's pennies; probably because my grandfather started me there. I've collected pennies for over 50 years and I can honestly say I love it today as musc as I did when I got started. Don't waste your time collecting coins you care nothing about. Collect what you LOVE

  2. Learn All You Can! Sometimes my monthly budget does allow for me to buy new coins for my collection. It's during those times I focus on educating myself and growing in knowledge, since much learning can be done for FREE. I watch videos, read articles, blogs, social media posts and listen to podcasts.

  3. Keep it Simple! Some series have hundreds of coins - such as the Lincoln Cent Series with over 300 in the series, it can be overwhelming to wrap your mind around them all. Here are some smaller series you might consider mastering, for short-run collections: Indian Head Cents = 53 Liberty V-Nickels = 33. Buffalo Nickels = 68 You might also consider collecting subsets; for instance, all the wheat pennies (1909-1958). You might find that much more manageable than the entire Lincoln Cent series.

  4. Grow Consistently! Whether it's adding to your collection, your knowledge, or accessories, be sure to grow your collection consistently. Remember, birthdays, Christmas and other occasions are great opportunities to "drop a hint" about what you're needing next.

  5. Share With Others! Finding friends who also collects can be as much fun as building your own collection. Sharing in the excitement of what others in the coin community have added is exhilarating and satisfying. Share your collection victories and knowledge with a friend.

Enjoy collecting for a lifetime!

John Parker

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