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Passing On Your Collecting Legacy

John Parker

January 25, 2023

I was six years old when my grandfather gave me my very first Whitman Coin Folder. It was "Lincoln Cents beginning in 1941." From that day forward, every time I went to see my grandparents, my grandfather would sit me down beside him at his desk and we looked at coins for what seemed to me like hours. Slowly over time, my little folder began to fill up, so I started a second one, then a third. Fast-forward some 50 years, and my collection now contains well over 100,000 coins of all kinds! If I didn't say it then, I'm saying it now, thank you so much, John D. Parker Sr. for sharing your wonderful legacy of coin collecting.

Have you thought much about the legacy of collecting you're leaving? Are you working with a young relative or friend, teaching them what you know and letting them see the joy collecting brings you? Maybe you need work in this area. Maybe we all do. So, consider these three simple tips for passing on your coin collecting legacy.

  1. START SMALL - Sharing the joy of collecting with someone doesn't have to be super involved, it can start VERY small. For instance, have you ever considered sharing a special coin with someone for their birthday or Christmas present? It's a simple thing, yet can have an amazing impact. Search rolls are great stocking-stuffers. Starter Kits are great for launching a new collector into a lifetime hobby.

  2. TEACH HISTORY - Coin collecting is a great way to explain important historic events. Things like talking about the 1943 Steel Cent and how it relates to WWII. Or, explaining why the 2009 Lincoln Cent has FOUR reverses. The opportunities are endless in this area. The young learner might not remember all the history lessons, but they will definitely remember the time you took to share your hobby and passion with them.

  3. SHOWS AND SHOPS - Take a young collector with you to a coin shop or a coin show. Shops and shows can be absolutely wonderful experiences for young collectors. So much to see and handle. If there are no shops and shows near you, it may be time for a ROAD TRIP. There's no substitute for coin collecting immersion than shows and shops.

Well, that's all for now. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you in passing on your collecting legacy. I'm John Parker reminding you to "enjoy collecting for a lifetime"

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